Loren Johnson – Artist, Producer, Entrepreneur | Loren Johnson - CEO Touchmusic and Christopher Entertainment
Loren Johnson, award-winning singer-songwriter, producer and music entrepreneur. Mr. Johnson is the CEO of Touchmusic Entertainment and Christopher Entertainment Organization, a production and consulting firm focused on the entertainment business.
Artist, Producer, Music Entrepreneur, Loren Johnson, CEO ARROW, CEO Catalyst, Christopher Entertainment Organization, Touchmusic Entertainment
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About Loren

LorenbwFor over 20 years, Mr. Johnson has as served as the founder and CEO of the Christopher Entertainment Organization (C.E.O.), a production and consulting firm primarily focused in the entertainment business. During this time he gained extensive experience in music production, marketing-management, distribution, creative consulting, and new technologies.


He has earned credits and served as a consultant and/or producer on over 50 album projects for ten national record companies including Grammy Award winning producers, INC 50 entrepreneurs and world-renowned artists.

He is an award-winning, cross-genre, modern record producer with many years of experience in both DAW as well as classical recording environments.


Today C.E.O. can best be described as a global arts and entertainment engine ™ maximizing time, energy and intent and empowering artists to imagine, express and impact culture across various media and branding platforms.


Loren has provided strategic leadership through start-up, survival, turnaround and growth modes for both large international non-profit organizations as well as small and medium sized companies. As the Co-founder and CEO of Touchmusic Entertainment, LLC he holds a patent on real-time electronic music distribution and is considered a forerunner in the field of real-time electronic distribution of music and video on demand.

He is the co-creator and writer of an acclaimed children’s video series. He remains a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and is a two-time winner of The Los Angeles Music Awards in the best artist and producer categories.


Loren is a founding member of the Hollywood Transformation Coalition a gathering of leaders from World Vision and other major organizations working to affect positive change in Hollywood. He served for five years on the board of directors of the Oasis of Hollywood (an outreach to youth at risk) and continues on as an advisor. For seven years he served on-staff as a pastor and worship leader in the South Bay of Los Angeles. As an artist Loren has written, recorded, and released four full-length solo projects.